Friday, March 14, 2008

Early Morning Mist


This painting was a low key example I painted for my class at the Stutz Art Space. I have them working on a limited palette and wanted to demonstrate how to grey down color without the use of black. When I taught color theory years ago, I used the Munsell theory which is based on color relating to 10 values of white to black. The problem is translating that as many of us choose not to include black with our color choices. The cool or warm greys from mixing complimentary colors were good discoveries by all. Good results, lesson learned.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

October Palette


Well, it has been too long between paintings, but have been working on the Stutz Association business. We just completed our grand opening of the new STUTZARTSPACE gallery with 400-500 attending. And, now more graphic work to do for the April Open House. I have 4 works in the 4th Street Gallery in Covington, Indiana. A beautiful new gallery on the town square. October Palette was another attempt at being more abstract. Painting with a large flat doesn't give one many choices and that was good. Let me know what you think.