Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Unknown Boater


So...here is the finished product. I did keep it loose and went along with the squinting that seemed to distort the face. Changed the background reference, but kept the blue. The biggest challenge was to create some contrast in the face.

Unknown Boater

Supplied Photograph

This was the cropped photo I worked with for the DSFDF blog set up by Karin Jurick. The process was to send photos into Karin and paint the one coming back to you. So...I was paired up with a man on his boat (sorry, cropped that out), and with a photograph of the subject squinting. I found it easier working from someone I didn't know as I chose to paint quick and loose.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Sit Chair

Painted Metal Chair

I have started working on my entries for a theme exhibition of "CHAIRS." The exhibition will open in Gallery 10/11 at the Stutz the First Friday of February. My plan is to do several painted chairs as well as drawings and paintings using the chair as the main theme. There are six artists showing from very diverse backgrounds.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Durer Original Drawing

Albert Durer
Drawing of Mother 1514

Durer's Mother

Conte on Arches

This is my drawing for a new blog that Sheila Thornton has set up. It is called Old Master Copy. The intent is to work from Old Master drawings. It was an interesting process in getting into the head of Durer and try to understand what he was thinking. I took the liberty to alter the sketch with a softer conte vs. black charcoal. I never figured out what he was trying to do with the neck area. As with many artists in that period of time, the sketch or "cartoon" was a study for a more finished work in another medium.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Green Fields


This painting was a return to some earlier works I did after a workshop in Jackson Hole. The motivation was to push the abstract and look at shapes of the landscape elements and basically flatten the color and play warm against cool for added contrast.

Evening Silhoutte3


This is the final painting of this series. I changed the foreground on this as I wanted to create a sense of depth. Working on a larger canvas dictates a different approach sometimes from a smaller study and I didn't feel the flatter version of the fields in the previous 2 paintings would work as well.

Young Woman

Graphite on TwinRocker Paper

This is a drawing completed this week based on reference photos I am working on from Polina Osherov. Polina is a very talented photographer with her studio also here at the Stutz. The drawings are a series of works in preparation for the drawing workshops I will be offering at Stutz Art Space in January and February.

The drawing was done on hand-made paper made from TwinRocker Papers. Click on image for larger view.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Work Boots

Work Boots

12"x12" on Board

Latest offering for Karin's DSFDF. I liked the photo, so decided to give this one a try. Finished it in 3 hours, squinted, and increased the contrast. Liked the rugged look and painterly effect.