Friday, January 23, 2009

Erica in Chair


This work will also be in the CHAIR Exhibit. Erica, now working in security here at the Stutz modeled for this work. This is not her usual uniform.

Time Out Chair

This is the third chair I will have in the CHAIR Exhibit. I searched a lot of antique shops before finding the classic small wooden chair. Took all of the varnish off and down to the oak before new paint. Too bad I didn't have it in time for my grandson as he did his very best to challenge his parents during his "terrible two" period. More challenges to come for family and school as I recall spending a great deal of time standing in the corner during my early years in school. My teachers and parents just didn't understand my creative spirit. I may not be able to sell this one as Polly may want to keep it around for her grandson. At two, he is developing that gleen in his eye before an act that results in broken pieces of various objects around the house.

Alphabet Chair

This is the second chair that will be in the CHAIR Exhibit. It was an old chair given to my wife and me and sat alone in the basement for five years before finding new life.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jefferson Memorial


This is this weeks solution to the Karin Jurick DSFDF blog. The challenge she had for everyone was a night scene. I made a number of changes from the original photo reference including a change in the sky as well as tree placement. Always looking for that color and value contrast. Thalo Blue came to the rescue. It is such a powerful color, but a good way to color the trees and foreground.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Chair Postcard

You Are Invited! Six Artists will be showing works relating the the CHAIR at the 10/11 Gallery at the Stutz Business Center. The exhibition will be a part of the First Friday Openings, February 6. Reception...5 -9pm. I will be posting my works as I complete them.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

If I Fell


This is a work I had completed a number of years ago and made the decision to paint over it for an upcoming exhibit using the heart as a theme image. Instead of using the soft colors in the original painting, I painted it with soft white and glazed with a warm red. February’s exhibit in the StutzArtSpace will be titled “Heart”. The Stutz artists will be partnering with the American Heart Association, as February is Women’s Heart Health Month.