Friday, May 22, 2009

Pennsylvania Farm


This is the painting for the DSFDF blog. Karin gave the challenge of working from a B&W photograph. So, with no color reference to hold to, I cut loose with a play of contrasting colors. I really enjoy pushing the color and placing warm and cool color combinations together.

Thursday, May 21, 2009



(Click on image for larger pic) This is a drawing I did after a 2 day workshop with Armin Mersmann in Rising Sun, Indiana. His work is fantastic, going well beyond what a photograph would provide. The drawing was completed in 20 hours, using mechanical pencils. Armin spends 20 hours on about 4 square inches, so this proves that I am not as compulsive as he is. Check his work will be amazed.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

IMA Gardens


A beautiful day in Indy...took my plein-air class to Indiana Museum of Art. The gardens there are looking great. This view was near the entrance and the road curves down to behind the museum.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Carol's Garden

Oil on Linen

In 2007 I was in New Harmony for the IPAPA paint-out and selected Carol's Garden to paint. My wife and I had been married in the beautiful garden near the Roofless Church. I gave the painting to my wife when I returned to Indianapolis and later posted it on my blog as Carol's Garden. This past weekend my wife and I visited New Harmony again, checked into the Inn and took a walk down to the garden. Five minutes after we left the garden I received a long distance call from a man in Virginia wanting to buy the original painting. He and his wife had were married there in 2008. He had Googled Carols Garden, New Harmony...and the painting came up.I explained that it was not for sale, but I happened to be in New Harmony...with my painting supplies. I painted the 12''x12" version, sent a jpeg and he purchased the work for an anniversary gift.

Strange, very strange. And the magic of the internet finding the work. The original painting is located in: January, 2008, last listing.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

NY Cabs


Another painting from the Karin Jurick, DSFDF . When I saw the photo I knew I wanted to finish it before getting away for a few days. Street scenes are a challenge, but fun to look at a busy activity like this, frozen in time. New York is a 24 hour city and nothing ever stops or slows down. I tried to capture that energy with hard contrasts in the foreground, diminishing into soft hues in the distance.