Friday, July 24, 2009

In the Clearing


I had started this painting several weeks ago and had a good start, but didn't finish. I went on to some other paintings and worked a little more on this, but felt like I was just adding segments and before long, the work was too tight and the overall color was not what I had intended. This morning I came into the studio with a fresh look and approach. I mixed bigger pools of paint and several greys with the intention of liberal brush work. I painted over the entire canvas in 4 hours and stopped. I like the end is not fussy, very direct and the color pulls together in an impressionistic style.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Citizens Thermal


The Citizens Thermal plant on the Southside of Indianapolis is a very interesting visual. It is huge and has dwarfed the area for years. In recent years though the city has expanded and now surrounds it on the East and North with Lucas Stadium, the Convention Center and the Marriot Hotel, shown to the right. It is a nice contrast of something that looks like the 19th Century and 21st Century buildings.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just Waiting

This is the latest assignment from the DSFDF . The blog was set up by Karin Jurick with a distinct purpose for each photograph posted. The challenge this time around was to "get the human figure right." Good drawing is a must, but what I learned from Kim English in a recent workshop was to block in the shape of the figure early in the painting and continue to work the figure and the background at the same time. I thought the painting needed something in the foreground, so...I added Dooley from a photo when he was a puppy.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monon Bridge Over the White River


Went down at river's edge to look back up at the Monon Bridge crossing the White River. The early morning shadows were very interesting with the sun still East of the bridge. I really liked the patterns in the water and the various shapes created from shadows. The water as usual was pretty brown and I wasn't back far enough to see the sky reflected on the water's surface.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

August Workshop

The workshop information for the Art Center workshop is:

Plein Air Painting
All Levels
Jerry Points

Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
August 3-August 7
Lab Fee (included): $17
Non-Member Price: $305
Member Price: $290

In this class you will learn how to interpret nature in terms of paint, using light and color to create form. The aim of the class is to teach you to think, see, and express light and form. Color relationships, design/composition, simplifying, and the benefits of painting indoors/outdoors will be discussed, as well as how to design and build a painting with visual impact. The class will offer demonstrations and individual instruction. We will focus on values, shapes, edges, and color as they relate to painting, working wet into wet. We will develop a painting from beginning to end and learn to complete a painting within a three hour session.

I-65 Over Capitol Ave.


This was a work that I painted with my class at the Stutz. We set up in the parking lot across the street, looking North on Capitol. I was pleased with the design of the vertical trees and the angle of the Interstate. Finished everything with a square brush.

Sky Over Rising Sun


After looking at this painting for several days, I felt there were some changes that were needed in the sky area at the top and I wanted to bring out the color near the horizon. So...the changes involved some glazing in both areas.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer Reflections


Class got rained out yesterday, so I went back to the studio and did this small color study.

Sky over Rising Sun


In May, I was attending a workshop in Rising Sun and late in the day the sky to the North started to form the most fantastic cloud formations and colors. The trees at the horizon formed a great silhouette against the lighter sky. I took several photographs as it changed every 15 seconds. And, finally, this June I started the studio painting. Although the trees in the photograph were one dark green hue, I introduced some lighter highlites and some violet at the base.