Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I will be out of the country for the rest of October visiting family in Southern Germany. postings for a while. I will be doing sketches and watercolors when time allows, so please look in early November for sketchbook works from the trip.

Dow Gardens


This was the painting demo from the second day of the workshop at the Midland Center for the Arts. The painting session was at the Dow Gardens next to the Arts Center. Thanks again for the students that braved the early Fall weather and painted for 3-4 hours both days.

Class at Midland

I am back from teaching the weekend workshop at Midland Michigan. The workshop was a part of this Fall class offerings through the Midland Center for the Arts. A special thanks to Armin Mersman for the invitation to teach. We painted in the beautiful Dow Gardens right next to the Arts Center. Both days were clear with colder temperatures and the students proved to be real troopers. It was the 1st time to paint en plein air for most and their 2nd day results were very good. Thanks to the students that chose to participate and good painting, stay positive and...paint, paint, paint.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Whiskey Autumn in Bardstown


This was my entry for the Bardstown Paint-out (see story below). It was one of those paintings that just seemed to flow. As it turned out, it was awarded Best Landscape for the Bardstown event.

Painting in Bardstown

Here I am after driving outside of Bardstown to find the perfect spot to paint. This was a 2 lane highway with just enough room to pull over, set up and paint. The trucks racing by just about blew me over and half way through the painting I look around to watch a speeding Camero hit the brakes, do a u-turn and speed back towards me. As I was thinking about dueling banjos in the movie "Deliverence" he pulled up to where I was, jumped out of the car and..... before I could ask him if I was trespassing, he asked if I was a professional barn and farm painter. He smiled, I gulped and said..."sure am." As it turns out, he is building a new barn up over the holler (don't ask me) and took my card. I asked if he would take a photograph of me painting and here it is.

Plein air painting...ain't it fun?

Bardstown Trees

Oil 20"x16"

This was one of the paintings I completed this last weel in Bardstown during their paint-out. It was their first time to sponsor an event like this, and very well planned. Great organization, prize money and right in the middle of the bourbon and whiskey industries. The town and nearby farms were interesting subjects to paint. An added perk was the evening receptions with good food and open bar. No end to the possibilities with so many great whiskeys and bourbons on the table. Hopefully more artists will attend this great event next year.