Sunday, October 4, 2009

Painting in Bardstown

Here I am after driving outside of Bardstown to find the perfect spot to paint. This was a 2 lane highway with just enough room to pull over, set up and paint. The trucks racing by just about blew me over and half way through the painting I look around to watch a speeding Camero hit the brakes, do a u-turn and speed back towards me. As I was thinking about dueling banjos in the movie "Deliverence" he pulled up to where I was, jumped out of the car and..... before I could ask him if I was trespassing, he asked if I was a professional barn and farm painter. He smiled, I gulped and said..."sure am." As it turns out, he is building a new barn up over the holler (don't ask me) and took my card. I asked if he would take a photograph of me painting and here it is.

Plein air painting...ain't it fun?