Thursday, January 14, 2010

NUVO Review

Strokes of Color: Paintings by Jerry Points

Posted on Jan. 13, 2010 by Dan Grossman
Jewish Community Center

When Jerry Points paints a landscape on location he is not averse to representing a scene more or less realistically. In the plein air painting “Graveyard for Three Tugboats,” he seems more interested in exploring color and shading—the way the low-angle sunlight plays on the surface of the white tugboats, for example—and less interested in capturing specific details of the derelict boats. When he composes indoors, he takes a step further out from realism. In the work composed in his Stutz studio/gallery, this former graphic designer and University of Evansville teacher foregoes all visual reference save his imagination when he sets oil to canvas. In “Sunset Reflections,” he paints trees with a square brush so that each stroke is visible. The trees’ reflections in water are square blotches of bold color—almost pure abstraction. Another characteristic of Points’ style, evident in this particular painting, is his use of line in landscape. The purplish mountains in the background have distinct red outlines that betray his history in graphic design. Through Feb. 19; 317-257-9467;