Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2009 Plein Air Paintings

Here are three of the paintings completed last year in the Summer Plein Air Painting Class offered through the Stutz. Contact me if you are interested in the 2010 class.

Summer Classes

Plein Air Painting - All Levels
Jerry Points
Tuesdays: May 11-July 13, 2010 (10 weeks)

In this class you will learn how to interpret nature in terms of paint, using value and color to create form. The aim of the class is to teach you to think, see, and express light and form. Color relationships, design/composition, simplifying, and the benefits of painting indoors/outdoors will be discussed, as well as how to design and build a painting with visual impact. The class will offer demonstrations and individual instruction. We will focus on values, shapes, edges, and color as they relate to painting, working wet into wet. We will develop a painting from beginning to end and learn to complete a painting within a three hour session. The first class will meet at
StutzArtSpace, followed by meetings at various locations around Indianapolis.

For questions and a supply list, please e-mail Jerry at:

Urban Sketching- All Levels
Jerry Points
Thursdays: May 13-June 10, 2010 (5 weeks)

This class will include drawing basics of material selection, keeping a sketch journal and learning drawing techniques to better draw and record nature and architecture and various objects that make up our urban environment. Check out the Urban Sketchers Blog at

With your approval, your sketches will be included on the blog postings. The first class will meet at StutzArtSpace, followed by meetings at various locations around Indianapolis.

For questions and a supply list, please e-mail Jerry at:

Friday, March 26, 2010

Marsh Madness

Oil on Linen

I have been painting marshes all week and since we are in the middle of the NCAA Basketball Tourney, I decided to have a play on words with the 3rd in a series and call this Marsh Madness. I went more abstract on this also with the use of the square brush.

Monday, March 22, 2010

April Ad for American Art Collector

As many of you in Indiana know, April 23 - 24 is the Stutz Open House with over 90 artists showing work in their studios. The Stutz Artists Association was contacted by American Art Collector to see if we were interested in advertising along with editorial on the Open House. As it turned out we were given a 10 page spread. This is my 1/4 page ad....but they also featured a 1/2 page of one of my paintings in the editorial. Issues will be out in early April.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Twilight on the Marsh

Oil on Linen

Yes, I know, a little crazy after posting a great marsh painting by Scott Christensen, but I was inspired to paint from some reference photos I had taken. It also brought back some memories from the workshop and how he uses complementary colors to knock down the intensity of a particular color. This was a one day work with 2 hours today to make some color adjustments.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Scott Christensen

Just came across one of the videos from Scott Christensen, a fantastic painter. I had an opportunity to study with him a few years ago. A great teacher and devoted to the master painters that painted before him. If you ever get the chance to study with him, don't miss the opportunity.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yellow Roses

Oil on Linen

For my last painting class at the Stutz, my students had requested flowers in a vase. I painted along with them to show how we may stretch a little in the September class. With that in mind, I used the palette knife and was more liberal with the brush work.
Right up front I want to acknowledge Richard Schmid as the master and those that follow fall a bit short of this master painter and teacher.

My theory has always been that a work, no matter what media, should first attract the viewer because of the image and good design. Other factors would be color, composition, contrast, yada, yada and of course technique. I have observed painters that rely heavily on technique and what I would call overuse of the brush or palette knife. In some cases they just can't draw and this liberal use of the knife is simply a cover up. My other pet peeve is brown paintings, but that is another entry.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Confetti Fall

Oil on Linen

I completed a similar abstract like this late last year, but with a total differrent color scheme and wanted to do another one as soon as I got a breather. I enjoy working with the color combinations in this series. Total abstraction is a nice relief also. Any thoughts?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sycamores in Southern Indiana

Oil on Linen

What a contrast of painting a sunset in Hawaii one week and a snow scene in the following week. ( more about Hawaii) We have had so much snow here in Indy in February, that it was nice to capture the beauty of snow instead of the dreaded shoveling, cancellations and delays that usually come with the Winter storms. Not having painted too many snow scenes, I tried to capture the blue and purple shadows on a bright sunny day. And, I wanted to contrast the cool foreground with a warm evening sky.

In the process of looking at what other painters were doing, I discovered some of the works of Emile Gruppe. Wow, what a painter. He died in 1978 and painted in Florida and Vermont. His Vermont paintings are fantastic. He wrote 3 books and I have ordered one on brushwork. All 3 out of print. Will share more after I read through it.