Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sycamores in Southern Indiana

Oil on Linen

What a contrast of painting a sunset in Hawaii one week and a snow scene in the following week. (OK...no more about Hawaii) We have had so much snow here in Indy in February, that it was nice to capture the beauty of snow instead of the dreaded shoveling, cancellations and delays that usually come with the Winter storms. Not having painted too many snow scenes, I tried to capture the blue and purple shadows on a bright sunny day. And, I wanted to contrast the cool foreground with a warm evening sky.

In the process of looking at what other painters were doing, I discovered some of the works of Emile Gruppe. Wow, what a painter. He died in 1978 and painted in Florida and Vermont. His Vermont paintings are fantastic. He wrote 3 books and I have ordered one on brushwork. All 3 out of print. Will share more after I read through it.