Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yellow Roses

Oil on Linen

For my last painting class at the Stutz, my students had requested flowers in a vase. I painted along with them to show how we may stretch a little in the September class. With that in mind, I used the palette knife and was more liberal with the brush work.
Right up front I want to acknowledge Richard Schmid as the master and those that follow fall a bit short of this master painter and teacher.

My theory has always been that a work, no matter what media, should first attract the viewer because of the image and good design. Other factors would be color, composition, contrast, yada, yada and of course technique. I have observed painters that rely heavily on technique and what I would call overuse of the brush or palette knife. In some cases they just can't draw and this liberal use of the knife is simply a cover up. My other pet peeve is brown paintings, but that is another entry.