Thursday, April 22, 2010



Every now and then, I step away from my paintings and return to the joy of drawing. This is one of my grandsons who lives in Germany. I took the photo 2 years ago and captured one of his innocent childlike looks. That compared to his determined, competitive look last year as he wanted me to play goalie while he kicked goals past my slow moving response. (OK, so I let him win)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stutz Studio - B300

Countdown for Stutz Open House. Did manage to hang all new works in gallery. Tomorrow, I clean the studio side. A look at B300.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Harmony Walk

Oil on Panel

Just returned from the "First Brush of Spring" paint-out and workshop in New Harmony, Indiana.. I find these gatherings filled with sparks of creativity, painting with friends in a beautiful, spiritual setting. We shared ideas, critiques (a few glasses of wine) and a charged inspiration to paint, paint, paint as we return to our respective studios and haunts.

Thanks for the 15 students in my workshop...I hope there are a few concepts that you will hold onto in your upcoming paintings. The painting above was from the view looking toward the Wabash River. I did this painting the following day of the workshop and received one of the painting awards among some really great works.

Harmonic Hues

Oil on 2" Cradle Panel

Preparing for the Stutz Open House, I always do a few small works. And, I try to have fun with it in terms of color and design. Click on the painting for a larger view and a walk through hues galore.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Thank You Kathleen Stevens

A special thanks to Kathleen Stevens for her blog mention of my works she chose for inclusion at St. Margaret's Hospital Guild's Decorators' Show House.

A Walk With Penrod: Jerry Points Fine Art
By Kathleen Stevens

Dappled Afternoon

As our walk with Penrod draws near its end at St. Margaret's Hospital Guild's Decorators' Show House, we get a rare and wonderful glimpse of how an afternoon in Indiana may have looked to our beloved Penrod. The works I am sharing with you this evening were painted by Jerry Points, Fine Artist and gifted instructor. I remember the first time I saw one of Jerry's works, I realized that I had found an artist that loves trees just as much as I do. The way that Jerry paints trees and nature is an organic mixture of contemporary elegance.

Indiana Sycamores

Point's artwork possesses a contemporary edge that makes it a riveting focal in the minimalist setting, while his works are equally at home in the most traditional venue. This rare duplicity is due to his excellent use of color and light, and the captivating brushwork that is a Points trademark. His plein-air work has captured woodland and floral settings internationally, with award winning results.

Laundry Day

From large complicated compositions to the simplistic setting of "laundry Day", Jerry's work has the ability to take us to new places with his painting, drawing us in with rich palette and natural line. His reflective work is nothing short of amazing. A silent tribute to the natural world we sometimes take for granted, Jerry's work reminds us of the natural beauty that surrounds us everyday... something he teaches weekly at the Stutz in his painting classes and workshops.

Winter Sycamores

Jerry is a full time Artist working daily from his sunbathed studio and gallery at the Historic Stutz Building in downtown Indianapolis. I invite you to see more of Point's extensive body of award winning works by going to and and Stutz Artists Association Annual Open House on April 23 & 24th. You may also contact Jerry directly by going to

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lilly House at the IMA

Oil on Linen

Tuesday set a temp record at 82 degrees, so packed up the gear and headed to the IMA grounds. Still early Spring before all of the leaves are out, and found an obscure area on the East side of the Lilly House. Painted for almost 3 hours and it felt good to get back into the groove. Warming up for the one day workshop I am teaching in New Harmony next week.