Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wyoming Stream


Starting to think ahead for some of the juried exhibitions in the next few months, knowing that their selections are going to be more on the representational side. So...looking over some reference pics from my drive through Wyoming a few years back, here is the work...a combination of 3 reference photos.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Falling Leaves

Oil on Linen

Just off of the easel, this new work is a continuation of exploring design and color in the landscape format. It is always a challenge to work on a larger canvas, but satisfying to see it come together. This may be one of my entries for the Hoosier Salon. Might be a bit modern, but one never knows.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Morning Mosaic

Oil on Linen

This is the third painting in the series of poems and paintings. The collaboration with Polly has been a creative experience. The paintings are done first and the second stage is for Polly to study the work and write the poem. Easy for me to say. The poet looks at paintings and images in a total different way than a visual artist. What I see is a blazing sunrise, she would describe as a kindling of morning light. I guess that supports the fact that my books all have lots of pictures and Polly gets excited over the latest edition of the Oxford Dictionary.

Morning Mosaic

Kindling of first light ignites a fiery dawn. In
spectrums of color, sunbeams shimmer like

morning flames. Burning off the mist, day
breaks into fragments of dispersed dreams.

Sunset and Senses

Oil on Linen

The second in the poetry/painting series.

Sunset and Senses

Suspended between dusk and dark, clouds of blue-
steel and cotton cool the day. A sunset simmers
and lingers on a tongue of land. More liquid than

substance, it melts like butter and is swallowed by
the horizon. Between the smell of marsh air and
the musky croak of frogs, a sense of uncommon.